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Preventive & General Dental Care

Here at Dressler Family Dental, we provide friendly, compassionate care for patients of all ages! We are committed to delivering the highest quality dental care. Our goal is to partner with you to achieve optimal oral health. During your visit, you can expect:

A Thorough Exam and Cleaning

Time to Address Your Concerns

An Oral Cancer Screening

Digital X-Rays if Needed

At your twice-yearly appointments with us, we provide a thorough cleaning and exam and can detect small issues before they progress into bigger problems. Our team of skilled dental hygienists will work with you to make an individualized plan and teach you the best ways to keep your mouth healthy and clean. For patients with certain oral or health conditions, we may recommend coming in more frequently.

Our X-Rays

We use the most up to date digital technology to aid us in early detection of oral health problems. Our 3D digital X-ray gives us the most complete view of your jaw, roots of your teeth, and bone health. The X-ray takes about 30 seconds and is easy and comfortable to take. This comprehensive X-ray is typically taken once every 5 years. 

For most patients, we will take 4 digital X-rays, called bitewings, to check for cavities between the teeth. The frequency of these X-rays depends on your risk factors, and we tailor that to each patient.  For most patients, these are taken once a year.


Dental fillings are a common procedure performed to repair a problem with a tooth.  At Dressler Family Dental, we always strive for excellence. 

Our primary concern is always your comfort. We will numb the area that needs treatment so you are comfortable during the procedure.  With regular check ups and our ability to detect cavities just as they are starting, some fillings are so small that we will give you the option of not being numb because we are confident you will be comfortable the whole time. 

Our filling material is tooth colored and bonds directly to your tooth.  This allows us to remove the least amount of tooth structure possible.  We shape the filling material to match your surrounding tooth structure, then polish it to fit your bite perfectly.


We will work with you to make an individualized plan and teach you the best ways to keep your mouth healthy and clean.  In our office, it’s common to see us working with patients in the mirror to perfect brushing and flossing techniques.  We believe that education is the most powerful tool to good oral health, and proper oral hygiene at home is the key to success.  In general, we recommend soft bristled toothbrushes and prefer electric toothbrushes for our patients.  We usually recommend fluoride-based toothpaste. For most patients, we recommend brushing your teeth twice daily and cleaning between your teeth with floss or a waterflosser to remove the plaque that accumulates on your teeth.  

Plaque is a sticky bacteria filled film that builds up on the surfaces of your teeth.  The more bacteria filled plaque that is left in your mouth daily, the higher your risk of cavities and gum disease.  We will help you learn how to use the right tools for your mouth to remove plaque.  We will also talk with you about the food and drink that you typically consume and your routines associated with food.  Sometimes, minor modifications to the way you eat or what you’re eating can drastically improve your oral health and decrease your risk of getting cavities or breaking teeth.

We pride ourselves on providing a thorough, routine dental exam.  During this exam, we will provide an oral cancer screening, check the health of your bone and gums, take note of any areas of recession, evaluate your teeth for any cavities, cracks, or defects that need treatment.  We evaluate the way your teeth come together when you bite and make note of any areas of wear on your teeth.  We examine the health of your TMJ or jaw joint and the muscles of your jaw and face.  We check the shape of the arch of your mouth and the midlines of your face and teeth. We screen for airway issues including sleep apnea, and evaluate to see if you may be grinding your teeth at night or during the day.  By thoroughly documenting our findings, we will be able to compare how things look today to our notes from your previous appointment, and detect small changes happening.  This allows us to recommend diet and habit changes or dental treatment to prevent problems or conditions from progressing. 

By coming in at the recommended frequency (two, three, or four times per year depending on your oral and health conditions), you can enjoy a healthy smile and avoid the inconvenience associated with dental problems that arise from lack of care.

We look forward to making your smile shine.

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